Student Houses Loughborough

Student Houses Loughborough

Our quality student houses to rent in Loughborough have achieved Grade II listing with the Student Accommodation Centre. That means modern furnishings, spacious rooms, off street parking and the potential for all inclusive bills. Our Loughborough student houses are also signed up for the Deposit Protection Scheme.

We know there are so many student houses in Loughborough, but we are here to help you make the right choice. In our Loughborough student houses unlike regular rented property student comfort comes first. We’ve developed houses that are roomy and warm, with plenty of bathrooms and large communal areas and kitchens. In accordance with the SAC Grading regulations, all of our student houses to rent in Loughborough are fitted with modern flooring (easy to wash and waterproof in both kitchens and bathrooms), easy to clean work surfaces (no hard to reach bits) and have modern cleaning equipment installed.

As providers of exclusive student houses in Loughborough we pride ourselves on thinking of the extras too. That’s why many of our student apartments to rent in Loughborough include your TV and internet packages in your monthly rent; and have pleasant garden areas perfect for holding end of term barbecues! This is Loughborough University student accommodation where the student, not the landlord, is thought of first.

The furnishings in our student houses to rent in Loughborough answer all current fire and safety regulations. We ensure that a hard wired smoke detection system interlinks between each floor – so if an alarm is sounded it will be heard everywhere in the house. The external doors for all our properties are fitted with locks that can be thumb turned from inside for quick exit in an emergency: the same is true of your room.

We like to maintain our houses in Loughborough to a standard that we’d be proud to live in ourselves. That’s why we change your shower curtains every year; it’s why we keep our furniture fresh and neat; and it’s why we have specified each property to the higher Grade. We want you to enjoy your Loughborough rented property as your first real home.

We guarantee double or 1.21m beds in all larger rooms. Every property has a modern, washing machine provided and has a heating system capable of producing ample hot water for the number of people in the house. We also ensure that there is a minimum of one comfortable chair space for every occupant of our student houses to rent in Loughborough – so your relaxation time will be as rewarding as your study! Ask us about the communal area in each property to find out about TV packages.

Renting properties in Loughborough gives you access to a wide range of places: from exclusive student lets in popular parts of town to bargain house shares. When you let through Prime Student Lets, you get the best of both worlds – great prices for premium Grade houses.

You’ve come to the right place for student houses loughborough

See below for the full listing of student houses Loughborough

Click on any property address below to view property details or telephone 07748 580048 to arrange a viewing

  • 57 Belvoir Drive
  • This huge 6 bed property is being let to groups of 5. There will be so much space! You couldn't ask for more. Call today.
  • For viewings please telephone 07748 580048
  • 57 Belvoir Drive, Loughborough, Leicestershire
  • £74 per person per week excluding bills or £82 per person per week including bills
  • 29 Nanpantan Road
  • We are letting this huge 6 bed house to groups of 5 – Wow!! Fantastic house in a fabulous location. This spacious gorgeous property won't stay empty for long.
  • For viewings please telephone 07748 580048
  • 29 Nanpantan Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire
  • £81 per person per week excluding bills or £89 per person including bills

For the very best value student houses in Loughborough contact us today on 07748 580048 or complete the enquiry form here.

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