Student Houses in Loughborough

Making the Most of Your Student House in Loughborough

So you’re about to rent a room in your first student house in Loughborough – and it’s probably the first time you’ve ever shared living space with people who you aren’t related to.

Student houses in Loughborough can be the best experience of your life – and with our SAC Grade II listed house share Loughborough options you get to make the most of your home as well as your Uni life. We’ve made sure that our exclusive list of properties has all achieved this higher house Loughborough Grading: denoting enhanced security, neutral decoration, large rooms and modern furniture.

Getting a student house in Loughborough with the friends you’ve already made is all the more fun when everything works. In our house share Loughborough properties, things don’t simply work: they’re either brand new or extremely well maintained (in accordance with the Grade guidelines); and we’ve made sure we’ve chosen houses near to Loughborough University – a maximum of 15 minutes’ walk from campus.

Our houses in Loughborough are set up to give you privacy as well as a great place to live with your mates. You’ll have a lock on your own door as well as high quality security systems (check with us for details of each property, but you’ll find a burglar alarm and excellent locks in all of them) to keep the external doors safe. Communal areas in our houses are bigger than usual and have been furnished with modern, attractive furniture.

Living in a student house in Loughborough is easier when there’s no queue for the bathroom in the mornings (or afternoons!) – which is why we’ve provided en suite where we can and wash basins in most rooms. It’s also more pleasant when you’re warm. Our SAC high Grade properties include heating appliances in every room, which are capable of maintaining a minimum temperature of 21 degrees Centigrade all year round.

Extra cost is one of the main concerns when you look for student rooms to rent in Loughborough. You need to know if your rent is all you pay, or if you will also have to find money for bills and TV/internet packages. As high Grade properties, every student house in Loughborough we own is eligible for an all inclusive rent and bills package – meaning your money is easier to manage. We also offer reduced summer rent so you can keep your property between years. As all of our properties are houses near Loughborough University, that’s an offer worth its weight in gold!

For exclusive student lets, our student houses in Loughborough are hard to beat. We respond rapidly to all maintenance issues and we love long term tenants – so if you’re looking for the best house share Loughborough option, we’d love to hear from you.

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