Student Accommodation Loughborough

Student Accommodation Loughborough

There are a number of things you will need to consider when looking for ideal student accommodation in Loughborough – in addition to the position and layout of the house, of course. When you’re looking for Loughborough student accommodation you will naturally want to find somewhere either close to Loughborough University and the majority of your lectures and seminars, or something that’s situated well for transport links and bike routes: but you will also want to know that you are well protected as a student renter.

Just because student accommodation in Loughborough is cheap accommodation in Loughborough, it does not mean that it needs to be dodgy – or that you need take it without the peace of mind you deserve. That’s what the Loughborough Accommodation Centre is for. You can ask them directly to help you find accommodation – or you can check with your prospective landlord to see that the property is Loughborough Accommodation Centre approved. Properties have been approved by the LAC and have been awarded their highest Grade, which means they are all houses near Loughborough University and have a selection of higher quality amenities than standard accommodation.

Make sure your deposit is held by a third party, too. The most common and most trusted third party deposit agency is the Deposit Protection Service – which deals with looking after Loughborough student accommodation deposits as well as standard home and flat rental deposits (this is the service which prime student lets use). The Service ensures that both landlord and tenant are protected in any property Loughborough arrangement.

Renting properties in Loughborough is beset by the same pitfalls you’ll find all over the country. A landlord offering student housing Loughborough without the guarantees of affiliation and endorsement could be operating substandard accommodation.

Our website displays the official logos of both the DPS and EMLAS (the East Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme), so you know that you’ll be able to rent with peace of mind. To further make your selection of student accommodation in Loughborough easy and worry-free, we’ve developed three easy criteria for the location of our houses:

All of our properties are student houses near to Loughborough University. Less distance means less time to travel, less travel costs – and of course more time in bed! Also, if you’ve just moved out of Loughborough halls of residence it will keep you in a familiar routine. The Lufbra Student Union is just a stones throw away so your never too far from a good night out.

Our Loughborough student properties are often in areas frequented by students. Student neighbourhoods can be more pleasant socially to live in, for students, than other parts of town – and there will be plenty of business geared to student incomes.

All of our student lets are in safe areas. There are parts of every town that have less pleasant streets than other areas. Be sure you are comfortable with the area in which your potential accommodation in Loughborough is situated. Then you’ll be guaranteed the great time everyone should have while they’re at uni!

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